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Who can join?

Grocery stores




*If your business doesn't fall into the mentioned categories, but you find yourself with unsold prepared meals at the end of the day, you are welcome to join the application.


What are the benefits of using the application?

Increased revenue

The application helps you generate additional income by attracting customers who are willing to purchase food from your establishment at reduced prices.

Reduced food waste

Achieve outstanding results by using the Tasty application and sell more than half of the food that would otherwise go unsold during the working day.

New customers

By using the application, you gain the opportunity to expand your customer network within your establishments.

How it works?


Display your surplus food to the application

When the end of the work day draws near, there are two essential tasks to complete. Firstly, assess the amount of remaining groceries/food and determine the number of meals that can be made from it. Secondly, utilize our user-friendly application to publish these meals on the platform.

Time required to publish products: a few minutes


Customers purchase your products

After publishing your offers on the app, customers can easily discover them through our convenient mobile application. The entire purchasing process takes place within our app, eliminating any additional work from your side.

Whenever a customer makes a purchase, your order list is instantly updated, and the worker in your shop can accept orders.


Hand out the order to the customer

Customers come in and pick up their orders within the pickup time window you have defined. All you need to do is hand out the order to the customer and issue a receipt.

Time required to hand out the order: 30 seconds

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